“She likes to lead by example to improve interior standards. Guests appreciated service with the smile and can do attitude. We were satisfied with her impeccable performance and eye for details aboard.”


“She performed all the required tasks with care and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so professional and serious about their job. She showed true grace under pressure and a work ethic that optimized team work.”


“Urska is pleasant, well-mannered and always has a smile on her face. She has the discipline and professional attitude with excellent presentation, fit and healthy. Nothing is ever too big or small for her to do. It has been a pleasure working with her during very busy season. I would be more than happy to work with her again.”


“We had an amazing and busy season. She taught me everything I know!”


“It was lovely to work with Urška! I wish her all the best on her new journey.”


“Working with Urška was splendid because she was always so determined and enthusiastic. She has the passion to achieve goals. I wish her all the best and success with business.”


urska jerala

My Story

Starting a new job in any industry comes with a process of readjustment, following specific protocols and learning the quirks of the trade. In the yachting industry, where your job is your lifestyle and you live where you work, this readjustment process is a complete overhaul.

My name is Urška Jerala and I have over nine years of experience in the yachting industry. My passion has always been to help people in any way. When my journey in high-end luxury industry started it was a tough time for me. I entered as a total greenie with land based job in Slovenia only and lack of information or knowledge.

Soon I realised that there will be nothing more than hard work to finding a way to a better lifestyle. When I started to work on cruise ships I realised that there is the parallel world of private luxury yachts. Sea is my pleasure and I saw opportunity for the career progression, travel and earning amazing money while working for millionaires.

Soon I landed my first job after dockwalking and worked my way up, educating myself and doing extra courses and trainings to improve my skills. I learned through hard work and experiences how to become a professional Chief Stewardess.

During my on board interior trainings of junior stewardesses several years on busy private/charter luxury yachts it made me realized that there are many of stewardesses who are going through the same process as I went. Teaching and inspiring is my passion and I did not want others to go through the same hard process like I did.

I started with presenting my story via Facebook and Instagram page and later to create the The Ursus Yacht Institute to educate and direct ladies with hospitality background into the yachting industry with useful mentorship through the training courses.

What do you need to work in yachting industry?


The most important thing in the learning process, beside the hospitality knowledge, is knowing how to discipline your mind, that is why we have a lot of educational material at our disposal. Remember: we have got your back, regardless if you are winning or losing.

Once your dockwalking time is done, you are on top of your crew agency form filling game and on yachting version of CV, you will have bagged your first sought after position. Due to the superyacht industry being so unique, not everybody becomes yachtie.

That’s why we are here to help you!
urska jerala

Urška Jerala

Founder and CEO

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