Would you wait for two years to make it into Yachting?

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Ursus yacting almirquab

You can. I would’t if I would knew ten years ago what I know today 🙂

After working many years in sales departments I was not happy with the income and to have a “normal job”, Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 kind of thing…

When I decided to leave my ”normal life” in Slovenia, I was keen for a new adventure into the world to mix and match work on the sea and travel. The question was: where and how should I start? I started wih research online and asking around because there was lack of data about it. I finaly found the opportunity for the job In Duty Free shop on the cruise ship where I worked for two years, traveled around the Europe and Carribean, worked with people from different countries and finaly found out about stewardess career in superyachting.

I really wanted in and I was ready to do whatever it takes. All by myself. Knowing absolutely nothing about yachting industry. How should I get aboard a yacht? Which courses do I need to have as yacht stewardess? Where should I look for the job? There was lack of data about it and nobody to guide me.

I found out about the French Riviera Côte d’Azur that offers you unlimited opportunities. What would you do? I just did it  There’s a quote: Where’s the will, there’s the way.

I courageously booked a flight ticket and went on a jobhunt without a clue what challenge awaits me. My accommodation was in crew house where I met greenies like me which were very helpful with tips and tricks. I was wondering around crew agencies and exploring the yachting ports for weeks. I was slowly running out of time and money…What are my options? I didn’t want to give up and got lucky. The owner of the crew house arranged the day work which after probation lead to seasonal contract. And my life changed upside down from that summer on and I feel incredibly grateful for being able to enter into yachting by myself with a little bit of luck and being at the right time at the right place. How do you plan to enter into yachting?

Regarding time that you need to start with yachting – it’s all up to you – how much time do you have? Of course, you can do it by yourself like I did and risk all you money, lot’s of time and lost nerves to get into. Even then you don’t have guarantee that you will succeed. If I would start today with unlimited options of coachings online to help me to get that first opportunity asap with a little investment. I missed years in yachting because of lack of information and the usefull tips and tricks with to-do list.

Your story can be immensily easier with achieving your breakthrough into boutique tourism with a professional mentorship. It would be a pleasure for me to guide you through the process of entering into yachting.

You can start with individual coaching:

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