What’s the difference between working on a Yacht vs. Cruise Ship?

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Ok… so here it is! A long-time requested subject that you might be interested in!

I can share my own experience with multiple challenges along the years. After I decided to leave my comfort zone in Slovenia 10 years ago, I actually got my first job opportunity on cruise ship in a Gift Shop.
Did I need any special certificates to start? Not in my case, because all the obligatory courses were done within my first working week aboard. How cool is that?
While creating a new lifestyle for myself, I was becoming a proper seafarer also.

Starting a new job came with a process of readjustment, following specific protocols and learning the quirks of the trade. In the maritime industry, where my job became my lifestyle and I started to live where I worked, the readjustment process was a complete overhaul for me…
The cruise ship could accomodate more than 4000 new passengers each week therefore I shortly met a huge amount of various cultures. The working schedules were strictly fallowed and when we had time off, we were able to use crew gym, crew bar and even go for a nice dinner in one of the restaurants aboard.
After 2 years of cruising in Mediterranean and doing couple of crossings to Caribbean, I found out about a parallel maritime career within yachting industry. As a young girl with adventurous spirit, I immediately packed my bags and left to Cote d’ Azur on jobhunt.

After I landed my first opportunity aboard as a yacht stewardess and signed my contract with much better salary, I realized there’s a lot of differences regarding to previous job in ”massive hotel” on the sea. During my first season we got maximum 10 guests aboard which left me with a feeling that I am working in a ”luxury villa” on the sea.
The working schedules were more flexible in a way to adapt to the demanding high – end guests and their needs while being on their holidays. Sometimes the owner came with his family and friends for more weeks or months in a role which meant that we were fully busy with no day off. The good news is, when the busy time was over, we got couple of days off  to enjoy our free time and spend money on the things we loved! Work hard, play hard.

While gaining all the important experiences as a stewardess with an amazing lifetime stories, I realized that I prefer yachting vs. cruise lines and continued with career progress. During years there was many interior and stewardess courses I attended to improve my skills and knowledge which helped me to grow professionally and personally. Do you plan to invest in your future? I would do it again without hesitation. What goes around, comes around.
As French say, “c’est la vie” meaning “that’s life.”

It is all up to you how you want to start with the yachting industry. You can do it by yourself or with a know-how coaching which will help you to enter faster.

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