Living in tight quarters can be tough

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Joining the Yachting Industry in 2011, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. With nobody by my side, I managed to get my first job for a summer to start saving money for my own house.

Similar than in the crew house where you experience a room sharing with new roomates, you get aboard a yacht into crew cabin.

When I got the job, I went to a cabin to unpack my lagguage.

I am a chronic over packer and came aboard with a huge suitcase. It never happened again  Let me tell you why…

When I entered into crew cabin, I was extremely surprised; crew cabin made for two had barely room to move. I asked myself: How will I manage to live in such a tight quarters? You can. With a little bit of tolerance and organized approach we made it through the season easily.

The stewardess I shared cabin with, explained and showed me the free storage space beside and under the bed and gave me a day and night uniform along the shoes. After a small talk she told me with a smile on her face: You will get used to our new home quickly 

We became very busy shortly with charter guests therefore we had to be ready to hit the ground running. We got all the necessary toiletries aboard to place it smartly into common bathroom storage and under beds. Do you have enough space to store all your make up, cumbs, hair bands at home? It is a different story aboard. That’s why it is important to have only the necessary ites with you and to have everything nicely arranged otherwise personal stuff get mixed quickly. It happened many times to us…

So in an effort to not only help myself get organized for when we next join a yacht, I also wanted to help you!

What about sleeping arrangements? You sleep on a bunkbed. Let me tell you a story…

When I was returning to the cabin after the long night shift, stewie on the upper bunk bed suddenly woke up and panicked not to be late on her shift. She rollered over without control and felt off the bed. We both started to laugh like crazy to the comic scene which became an epic story for the season and putted a sign on the wall: Safety first 

It is not necessarily easy living and working in close quarters on a yacht but if you do your best to live in coexistence then It shouldn’t be an issue.

Starting a new job in any industry comes with a process of readjustment, following specific protocols and learning the quirks of the trade. In the yachting industry, where your job is your lifestyle and you live where you work, this readjustment process is a complete overhaul.

Do you think you are ready? We were born to be ready  Let’s start with your new journey together…

You will get all the tips and tricks to become a yachtie!

To get started you apply on individual coaching:

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